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[sticky post] Dec. 21st, 2012

If you've read my profile and you want to get to know me, comment telling me who you are and a bit about yourself, and I'll add you. (liek omg a/s/l???)

I probably won't add you back if:

- Your journal is brand-new and I don't know who you are.
- You come across as creepy.
- You only write about "partying" and "getting wasted"
- You're a gun-loving homophobe with a hard-on for America.
- You type obnoxiously.
- You constantly whine.

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Another Defective Acer Liquid!

Edit: April 2013. Now I deal with the Rogers store in North Hill instead of Wirelesswave, and they actually speak to me like I am a member of the human race, instead of just seeing me as commission dollars to be milked. Decided I am going to keep my contract with Rogers, because Wirelesswave are the ones with the problem. Y'know, being nice to people goes a long way. My replacement Liquid E phone without the defect is actually SO sturdy -- and actually has ended up getting dropped AND wet over the past two-and-a-half years, and it still works perfectly, despite the scratches on the screen.

My new phone broke. The men I spoke to said that it probably resulted from being "compressed in my pocket", and that one should never put their phone in their pocket. How ridiculous. Where else should I put my phone? If this thing breaks that easily, it's obviously defective. It's an Acer Liquid E, and it was $0 when I "upgraded" my Fido contract to Rogers. It is a lovely little phone, but apparently there is a manufacturing defect where the top right corner of the screen stops working. Since so many people seem to have had this exact same problem, since I purchased the extended warranty, and since I've only had this phone for seven days, I find it absolutely ridiculous that they will not write it off and give me a new one for free.

Note the yellowing of the pixels around the edges, the series of dead pixels going across the top, and of course, the big dead spot in the upper-right-hand corner.

The customer service that I received from the retailer when I got the phone was absolutely fantastic, so I expected similar treatment when I went to exchange my phone for a non-defective one. Unfortunately, the young gentleman who had helped me seven days prior was not working today, and I was instead served by four other men. Two of them just seemed to be hanging out for the show, although they did offer some helpful information and one was especially kind. Another attempted to be helpful, but must've been new. The manager, however, obviously did not like to help customers with their problematic product.

This man repeatedly accused me of mishandling my phone, told me over and over again that they couldn't do anything because it was physical damage, and when I tried to tell him that I found dozens and dozens of pictures on the Internet of this exact same defect resulting from legitimate, day-to-day usage, he accused me of taking all of those pictures myself. I did not even have a response to that, but I guess he noticed my face. Then he said, "I'm not trying to put you down, but you could've just taken lots of pictures of the same phone."

How irritating. One of the pictures was of a Chinese phone. As far as I know, I don't speak Chinese. ;)

While this was all going on, one of the men was on the phone talking to Rogers and trying to see if they'd replace my phone. (Surprise: no, they would not.) Another one told me that I should not send my phone in to Rogers, because one of two things could happen. One, they could deem the product defective, and send me a new phone. Two, they could deem the product mistreated, and charge me $400. The phone isn't even worth that! I asked him how much it would cost to cancel my contract, and he told me it would be $500. I then asked how much a new Acer Liquid E would cost, and I was told that it was $200.

What is the point of purchasing a warranty if it doesn't cover problems like this?

Eventually, I became frustrated, and I just left. I came back an hour late from my break, but nobody seemed to mind since I was pretty upset. (See: Crying because I was just treated like absolute shit for an hour and firmly and repeatedly accused of breaking my new phone and trying to scam them into giving me a new one by putting fake pictures on the Internet.) I am afraid to try to get it repaired through Rogers in case they actually charge me $400 (it is such a new phone, they might not be acknowledging the defect yet), but perhaps Acer will be able to help me out. I am surprised that they've released such a low-quality product like this, since my laptop is Acer, and I've used so many other Acer products without any sort of problem. I've come to trust their brand name, and hopefully they won't let me down.

The phone is still functional, so I suppose if I can't get it repaired, I'll just have to hang onto it until I'm eligible for an upgrade in two years. I'm just worried that it is going to get worse.

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